3179 Mozart Road
Furlong, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-598-3534

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Range private or open to the public? The range is private. Membership options are explained on the Home Page. 

May I use the Range if I am not a member? Yes, but only if you come as a guest with a current Member or are attending a class.

May I be an Observer? Yes, but you must check in at the Range Office and complete a Waiver. You will not be allowed to be on the firing line unless authorized by the Deck Officer. You may stand behind the fence at the pistol, rifle and archery ranges or in the grass area at the shotgun range. You will be issued a temporary Observer badge that you will return to the range office when you leave.

What do I do when I get to the range? Leave all equipment in your vehicle, bring your Government Issued Photo ID (driver's license), Money or Credit Card and Range Badge / Membership Card (if you already have one) to the Range Office to pay and sign the required daily waiver.  

Following this, you may retrieve your equipment from your vehicle. Carrying all firearms CASED from your vehicle to the shooting station, where you will uncase it with the muzzle pointing downrange the entire time. Remember: Treat Every Gun as if it is Loaded. 

How much will a day at the range cost? This is explained on our Home page.

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards? Yes - we accept all major credit / debit cards, as well as cash.

Do you rent firearms or bows? No. You must bring your own firearm or bow for your personal use.

Do you sell ammunition? No. You must bring your own ammunition for your firearm.

Do you offer education/training? Yes. Go to our CLASSES page for more information. PLEASE NOTE - NO OUTSIDE INSTRUCTION ALLOWED. All instruction MUST be scheduled through WSR using WSR Instructors.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?  Yes. Click HERE to complete your online order, or visit us and pick one up in the range office during regular hours.

Do you have a minimum age requirement? Yes.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age or older, with a range badge to use the pistol range independently. Children under age 21 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has a range badge. 
  • You must be at least 18 years of age, with a range badge to use the rifle, shotgun or archery range independently. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has a range badge.
  • Children under the age of 7 are not permitted on the shooting range without permission from the deck officer.

What is Prohibited on the Firing Line?

  • .50 BMG
  • Automatic Firearms
  • Shotgun Range: Shotguns must be a minimum of 36" total length
  • Rapid Fire - there must be At Least three whole seconds between each Aimed Shot
  • Tracer
  • Armor Piercing Ammo
  • Cameras / Image Recording Devices - NO PHOTO'S OR VIDEOS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY!
  • Cell Phones
  • Smoking

May I bring my NFA firearm to Wicen's Range? Yes - ALONG WITH A PHOTOCOPY OF THE APPROVED PROOF OF REGISTRATION. You will be required to show it before using the firearm.  What qualifies as an NFA firearm?  See the ATF website.

May I be on the range if I am pregnant? No. The effects on an unborn child due to noise levels and lead exposure are unknown and we do not advise your participation in shooting activites while pregnant.

What Should I Wear to the Range? Please check the Furlong, PA weather - It is usually windy and a bit colder at the range than it may be outside your front door - especially if you live in a city. Always wear a hat with a brim in front, sturdy shoes or boots (not sandals, flip flops or high-heels), a high necked shirt (T-shirt or buttons - nothing low-cut - this is to help prevent a hot shell casing from falling down your shirt when ejected by your firearm).

Do you offer targets for sale? Yes. We have a variety of paper targets available for purchase, including Shoot-N-C type targets!

Do you have food and water available? There is a vending machine in the range office with a variety of soft drinks and snacks.

May I bring my dog to the range? No. Dogs are not allowed on the range property.

Are you open year round? No. We are closed every Monday and Tuesday, the entire month of February through the First Day of Spring (mid-March) to the Public (Private classes and employee training may take place), and Major Holidays.  Being an outside range, if weather is horrible we will change the Voice Mail message at 215-598-3534 and post a FB message. If weather is questionable - call before you come!  The range will be closed if the high temperature in Furlong, PA is predicted to be 25 degress or less.


General Instructions:

All firearms must be in some type of case (gun sock, box, hard case, soft case, blanket with ribbon tied around it, etc.) from your Vehicle To The Shooting Station - whether Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun. Do NOT carry your firearm without it being cased. If you must move it from a station to another station, ask an RSO for assistance!


The proper muzzle direction at all ranges is downrange. Shotguns may be pointed skyward towards the targets and stored upward on the gunracks at the shotgun stations. Pistol and Rifle proper muzzle direction is directly downrange towards the target area. 


This page will be added to as questions arise. Please E-mail your questions that are NOT covered by the present website pages to wicenshootingrange@yahoo.com.