3179 Mozart Road
Furlong, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-598-3534


ALWAYS Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction - downrange.

ALWAYS Keep the action open and firearm unloaded until ready to use.

Aim Every Shot.

Eye and Ear Protection required on the firing line.

No Rapid Fire. At least 3 full seconds are required between each shot.

Only paper or clay bird targets allowed.

You must follow the orders of the Range Safety Officer at all times!

Do not move gun to another station without RSO supervision.

Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting - Neither are allowed on the premises.

Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.

Only 7-1/2, 8 or 9 shot allowed on the shotgun range.

Be sure the gun is safe to operate.

No full automatic weapons allowed.

No photos or videos are allowed on the premises. 

All persons on the property must speak and understand the English Language. 

All persons on the property must have government issued photo ID.

All persons on the property must sign a waiver every time they visit the range.

All persons on the property must display a WSR Range Badge on their person - whether a shooting customer or observer.


IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, E-MAIL wicenshootingrange@yahoo.com 

The Range is always supervised by NRA Certified Range Safety Officers - we are here to help you.