Team and Tribute

Wicen’s Shooting Range was established  in 1927 as a place for veterans and the local community to share their experiences and develop their shooting skills. We are proud to see how this beautiful 100-acre Pennsylvania countryside farm has remained in the Wicen family and has transformed into the professional educational center that we have today!

Joe and Lori Wicen, Range Owners

Joe and LoriJoe’s primary duty is to run the range in a safe and organized manner. Joe can  usually be found on the range deck orchestrating and overseeing all movement on the range by both the members and their guests, and the range safety officers.

Joe is a Chief Range Safety Officer, and is a NRA certified instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal protection and muzzleloading, with muzzleloading being his personal passion. Joe is also an instructor for the Pennsylvania Hunter Safety Education class and enjoys passing on the excitement of hunting to others.

Joe learned to shoot when he was 7 years old, and continues to grow his education of the shooting sports by constantly studying, practicing and observing. Joe has enjoyed many years of hunting locally, nationally and worldwide.

When not running the range, Joe can usually be found tinkering with a tractor, maintaining the property, or preparing for a hunt.

Lori Wicen

Lori’s primary duties for the range include scheduling and organizing classes and students, special events, memberships, organizing finances, and keeping social media current.

Lori is a NRA Training Counselor, and has certified many NRA instructors in pistol, rifle and shotgun, as well as training staff to be Range Safety Officer’s and Chief Range Safety Officer’s at Wicen’s Shooting Range.

Lori’s certifications include:

  • USA Archery Level 2 Instructor
  • NRA Training Counselor
  • NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Refuse to Be a Victim and Home Firearm Safety
  • RangeMaster Instructor

Lori has attended classes from experts such as John Farnum and Tom Givens, and has taught at NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape at The Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, and assisted Babes with Bullets. Lori is a member of A Girl and A Gun club and has attended their annual convention. Lori enjoys assisting Scout and Youth groups to introduce the pleasure of shooting and archery skills.

You will most often find Lori conversing with members and the Range Safety Officers, refreshing the shop display, or in her garden tending the vegetables while being closely observed by several cats and free ranging ducks hoping for a treat.


William FieldWilliam Field, better known as “Cowboy Bill” on the range, is the Chief Range Safety Officer and Senior Safety Officer at Wicen’s Shooting Range with over 20 years experience as a Safety and Ergonomics Expert. William has various roles, from Regional Safety Director for LK Comstock and the Manager of Ergonomics for Conrail. In addition to William’s professional experience in the Railroad Industry, William also has extensive experiences and credentials in the Firearm and Shooting Sports World, from range design to a certified instructor.

William is a certified Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle Instructor, including his Chief Range Safety Officer credentials under the NRA, an accredited Instructor for Home Defense, Concealed Carry, Mass Shooting under the USCCA, and a certified SODACT (School of Defensive and Combative Training) Instructor. William has been an instrumental team member with numerous safe range designs, especially near residential zones, firearm noise abatement projects, firearm round mitigation, and control systems, in addition to steel target design deployed at various private ranges and competitive firearm matches.

He is also an accomplished competitive shooter and co-founder of Cheyenne Social Club, a nationally recognized affiliate of The Single Action Shooter Society (SASS). He facilitated over 120+ local matches over ten years, oversaw the RSO aspect of matches, and assisted in facilitating overall operations. William has competed nationally with SASS and assisted in national and regional events.


Range safety officersWicen’s Shooting Range has a staff of highly trained and experienced firearms and archery enthusiasts. The Range is always fully staffed with a Range Safety Officer nearby to observe the safe use of firearms and archery equipment, as well as to answer any questions you may have. From assisting in how to grip your firearm safely, to sighting in a scope for hunting, to swinging the shotgun to better hit claybirds in flight, our RSO’s are here to help you.

Wicen’s Range Safety Officers are also Instructor’s and you will often spot them with a class on the range, instructing in safe and accurate firearm and archery skills.

Our Staff also includes a Scout Merit Badge Counselor, who oversees scouts, sea cadets, and other youth groups who enjoy a day at the range or a weekend (including camping) at the range.


STEPHEN WICEN (1927-2006)

Stephen WicenBorn on the family farm in Mozart (now Furlong), Stephen Wicen was the son of the late Januar and Julia Gregush Wicen. As a life-long resident of Furlong, Stephen knew what it was like to work hot days and long hours; he had been a farmer all of his life and never complained. After a day’s work, he could always be found at home – especially with his family at night.
Stephen was the type of man who would be ready to help his neighbors at the drop of a hat. His family may have been small, but to his many friends, he was their Dad, as he was always available to listen and lend a hand.
In his leisure time, Stephen enjoyed square dancing, hunting, and fishing with his family and friends.
Stephen Wicen of Furlong died Thursday, March 2, 2006, at Doylestown Hospital. He was 79. Steve had been diagnosed with bone cancer in May of 2005, and his health rapidly went downhill following the death of his brother, Frank. He was the loving husband for 39 years of the late Helen M. Convey Wicen.

We will always love and remember Steve Wicen, 1927-2006

FRANK WICEN (1920-2005)

Frank WicenBorn on the family farm in Furlong, Frank was the son of the late Januar and Julia Wicen, and the stepfather of the late James Jannaman. Like his brother, Frank was a life-long resident of Furlong and had been a farmer all of his life. Frank worked long, hot days with no complaints, and was always ready to help his neighbor at any given moment.

Frank was a long-time member of the Middletown Grange and was always there to run the pony rides. He was a 20-year member of the Midway Fire Co. and a 32nd Degree Mason, Newtown Lodge 427 Free and Accepted Masons.

His obituary was printed as follows: “Francis “Frank” Wicen of Furlong died suddenly Wednesday, October 26, 2005, at St. Mary Medical Center; Langhorne, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He was 84.”

He was the loving husband of 32 years to Katherine “Kitty” Clancy Wicen. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his brother, Stephen Wicen of Furlong; sister, Julia Swartz of Dublin; and several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews.

The Wicen family thanks everyone who has shared loving memories of Frank Wicen, who passed away suddenly October 26, 2005. Frank was Range Officer for the past 50+ years.

We will always love and remember Frank Wicen, 10/28/20 – 10/26/05

Brothers Stephen and Frank Wicen farmed many acres in the Bucks County area. They also owned and operated the Wicen Farm shooting and target range - a responsibility being continued by Steve's son, Joseph.